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Now That's One Big Ass Sword - WoW's Longest Free Fall - World of Warcraft Videos -

Ass, Reddit, and Smh: big ass sword toastv. Ass, New Year's, and Big Ass: me big ass sword my wrist. Crazy warrior king with armour blessed by the gods, riding a powerful genetically alteredabled to carry dragon One grieving teen with a big ass sword that according to his body type, he shouldn't be especially considering it weighs two times his weight boi.

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That's One Big Ass Sword - WoW's Longest Free Fall

See also: Middle-earth swords category. Amazing Stories. Retrieved Steven Erikson.

Retrieved 10 November So my thought is: could the weapon models being sclaed with weapon range? I wish they made Ghost Energy Waves for the "extended range" of weapons. Without chanelling.

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Personally, i verymuch dislike it, since in my opinion, it completly ruins the games aestetic. I don't mind it as much, when other player make use of this. This is a matter of personal preference and you can't argue taste, right?

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For example, when you get the galantine you get a 'scaling galantine'-skin for free. And when you get anoher skin, for example the rubico galantine skin, you get a 'scaling rubico galantine'-skin for free. If I had to choose between that kind of ridiculous weapon design or the removal of range mods, I'd choose to trash the mods without hesitation.

And for the most part I don't even see the issue, usually you don't have the time or line of sight to even see the enemies getting hit by thin air.

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Weapon sizes in warframe are already far to big to be considered realistic. With war or galatine to a point where you have to ask yourself why warframes need weapons at all, because of the sheer strength and mass a frame needs to have to wield those monsters.