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Collision between St. Collision between the Tows of Towing Vessels Capt. Shorty C and Jackie. Sinking of Towing Vessel Jim Marko. Jackson with the Jefferson Avenue Bridge.

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Sinking of Oceanographic Research Vessel Seaprobe. Heller Tow with Marseilles Dam. Grounding of Commercial Towing Vessel Justice.

Foundering of the Fishing Vessel Moonlight Maid. Leitch with Law Enforcement Vessel. Fire on Board Passenger Vessel Malaspina.

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Fishing Vessel Lady Mary. Fire On Board U. Engineroom Fire On Board U. Small Passenger Vessel Queen of the West. Fish Processing Vessel Alaska Ranger. Grounding of U. Passenger Vessel Empress of the North. Fire Aboard Construction Barge Athena Fire on Board U. Small Passenger Vessel Massachusetts. Capsizing of U. Small Passenger Vessel Lady D.

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Grounding and Sinking of U. Passenger Vessel Safari Spirit. Engineroom Fire on the U. Passenger Vessel Columbia. Small Passenger Vessel Panther. Small Passenger Vessel Taki-Tooo. Grounding of the Small Passenger Vessel Finest. Fire On Board the U. Passenger Ferry Columbia. Collision of Two Recreational Motorboats.

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Marine Accident Reports

My apologies for not saving the photographer on this photo. Bruce LaPine? Tom Chambers? Jason St. Greg Main? The ending of a lovely night with Dave and Di. I do love this place. Also, Flagler Beach sustained much more property damage from Irma from storm surge than it did last year from Hurricane Matthew. Love you all.

Last week was busy and so much fun!

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After two weeks of above average temperatures I think we hit 85 one day! From that point on we had absolutely beautiful blue skies, crisp temperatures, and the definite feeling of Fall in the air! Sheryl and Heidi arrived on Tuesday morning, and I know they thought we were going to walk them all over the island before bedtime that night.

Later in the afternoon we walked over to the West Bluff, hiked Pontiac Trail, and walked around the Annex. By the time dinner rolled around we were all starving, and we all turned in early that evening. On Wednesday we had planned a special surprise for Sheryl and Heidi. We started with lunch at Grand Hotel. We then went to the Grand porch and rocked for a little while, just watching people and enjoying the sunshine. We spent the next hour touring several of the top tourist attractions on Mackinac, as well as just enjoying riding through the woods in a carriage drawn by two beautiful Hackneys showing off their footwork.

The tour started off with a ride through the Annex and out to Stonecliffe, followed by. We took a few minutes to get off the carriage. We next visited Fort Holmes, the highest spot on Mackinac. We finished the day with dinner at the Chip and a taxi ride home. Thursday was spent visiting with the current residents of an East Bluff cottage where Heidi and her family had past connections, lunch downtown, and then a visit with old friends of the family.

We were up early on Friday morning to take a taxi downtown and have breakfast at The Chuckwagon before the ladies caught the ferry off the island.

Captains' Bouchards Of Mackinac Island

We were sad to see them go. We had spent Thursday evening at the condo, laughing and telling family stories. It was just the best visit, and we hope Heidi and Sheryl both come back soon. A shady walk down Huron Street right after the street cleaner had gone through. Condo picnic soon! We had two cruise ships at the island on the same day.

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The ship anchored offshore is the Hamburg. It has too deep a draft for the big dock, so it anchors off Mission Point and shuttles tourists in aboard her four small launches. What are they? Morning Glories?

Whatever they are, they are as big as dinner plates and beautiful! Sunrise from the Chippewa Hotel. Photo: Kem Green. The parade ground at Fort Mackinac. Pontiac Trail in the mist. Some were leaving, some were staying. Love you all! It was launched yesterday.