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This rib formed into the first woman. He sat back and thought. He decided to gift his creation with a buffalo to fulfill all their needs from food to warmth to clothing. There are several creation myths found within Native American culture.

Creation myths

One of those is the creation myth involving Napioa. Napioa is mentioned in almost all Blackfoot myths and is considered an important figure in the Blackfoot mythology itself.

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Napioa is known by many names including the sun, Old man, and Napi Nah-pee. He also created men and women and made the bison tame for the people to hunt. He is said to also have created the animals and the grass and everything else that is on the earth.

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Tim on 23 Jul Oh, got it — that they have never taken VC money. Nathan K on 23 Jul Mike on 23 Jul Joe Zydeco on 24 Jul EH on 24 Jul Eva on 24 Jul Jim on 24 Jul Doug on 24 Jul Andrew Warner on 25 Jul Thanks Jim. To be a truly memorable creation myth, the startup tale must include some mixture of hard ship, brilliant insight or "I told you so".

Social Orders and Creation Stories: Crash Course World Mythology #5

Dorm room beginnings are highly desirable, even better if accompanied by a C student struggling to stay in school. Eureka moments, especially if they occur while the founder was struggling in a dead end job, also make great storylines. The amusing thing about all of this is that most start-ups have pretty mundane beginnings.

An entrepreneur had a so so idea, fiddled around with it, and eventually came up with a reasonably good concept.

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In the real world, great execution, fortunate timing or maybe a lucky break with a first customer, and there you have a successful business in the making. You see, most entrepreneurs start their companies in pretty straightforward ways, with plenty of miss fires, poor decisions and sometimes a near death experience or two.

‘Indian’ creation myths?

But one thing is constant in the retelling of how a new company was born: the world wants an engaging story about why that particular start-up made it when so many others didn't. In my humble opinion, the most common reason for success has as much to do with luck - that most uninteresting of all variables - as anything else.

But luck, or what a statistician would call randomness, is not a very satisfying answer when an entrepreneur is asked "what was special about your company?

Peter Guber, the well known movie executive and producer, explains that the world is made more understandable by storytelling. Humans through the ages passed along tribal wisdom from generation to generation by repeating, and refining, stories of where we came from.

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They answered critical questions about the group. Why were we the chosen ones and others weren't?

What is our purpose and why are we different from all the others?