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How do Mr.

Creakle and Doctor Strong's relationships with their respective wives mirror their interactions with their students? How is Annie Strong figured as Doctor Strong's student? Where does David learn his life lessons outside of the classroom?

What moments in the novel do you identify as key to David's learning? Doctor Strong's school offers an idealized model of an institution based on self-discipline and self-determination.

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This mode of trust-based discipline echoes Doctor Strong's ethical treatment of his wife, Annie, after discovering that she may be cheating on him. The novels David reads outside of the classroom help to structure his understanding of his own early experiences in the world.

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David Copperfield Lesson Plans for Teachers

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Part I: Context pages In this first section, articles that put David Copperfield in the context of Victorian culture are arranged in roughly the order readers encounter the topics in the novel. Part II: Interpretation 76 pages This second section introduces a variety of approaches and styles of interpretation of David Copperfield. Part IV: Activities and Projects for Students 66 pages This section, of special interest to teachers of David Copperfield, is further divided into five parts, notes on the bottom of each page.

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