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Many of us are drawn to discount prices; claims of health benefits; bright, sexy packaging — and, recently, environmental considerations.

Thus, the question: paper, plastic or reusable cloth bags? The plastic bag has a bad reputation. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Americans go through hundreds of billions of these each year. Paper bags are biodegradable and easy to recycle or compost. But producing them in quantity requires a lot of water, fuel and cut-down trees.

Paper or plastic? What’s the environmentally correct choice?

Cloth bags are typically made from cotton, a particularly pesticide-intensive and water-guzzling crop. Reputation aside, single-use plastic bags have the smallest carbon footprint, at least in terms of single-bag production. How we use and dispose of bags matters even more. Two of the most important considerations for the eco footprint of a bag or any other item are whether we reuse it and, if so, how many times. An exhaustive Environment Agency U.

A cotton bag would have to be reused times to break even with a plastic bag, in terms of the climate impact of producing each bag. According to the previously cited U. Additionally, the fertilizers and other chemicals used in tree farming and paper manufacturing contribute to acid rain and eutrophication of waterways at higher rates. In terms of disposal, paper bags are better than their plastic counterparts.

Is paper better?

Paper is compostable. If you have access to composting, just tear it up and toss it in. The standard grocery store plastic bag is made from high-density polyethylene HDPE. Studies agree that plastic bags are by far the least costly i. Still, there is no way around the fact that plastic is derived from petroleum.

Paper or Plastic

Petroleum is a finite resource, and as it becomes increasingly limited, obtaining it becomes increasingly damaging to the environment. Recycling plastic bags can be difficult. They often fly out of bins or cling to machinery. For these reasons, many cities do not accept them in the municipal recycling stream. Some large grocery stores offer plastic bag recycling options on site find a recycling center near you.

But unlike metal or glass, plastic can be reincarnated a limited number of times before it is too costly to revive. Many people do reuse plastic bags. And this lowers their carbon footprint — but only to a point.

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It is the responsible consumption and production Plan. The current urgent agenda is to reduce the amount of single-used plastic and disposable products.

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The goal is to create a new standard for environmental friendly living. Therefore, there is special discount of giving in campaign is applied when buyer bring their own mugs or food boxes.

Paper Vs. Plastic Packaging. Which is More Environmentally Friendly? | Emmerson Packaging

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