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She sounded old. And angered.

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Danny was puzzled. Danny got up and swiped his right hand over the back side of his jeans a couple of times. He expressed a half-hearted goodbye to Chloe, and just as he turned around and took a couple of steps…. Time stopped for Danny right then and there. He stared Chloe right in the face, considering her as stupid as ever. Even so, he decided he liked her.

Danny was shaking in fear for his very life as he grabbed his bleeding nose.

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He was on his knees, looking up at Marvin and his three bodyguards. I need that book report in two hours!


Because I never told you about it? Make it by tomorrow, and it better not be copied off the web!

It was either Wayne or Mike who kicked Danny in the leg next — this deduction was made by the stronger level of pain he felt. Her library is huge!

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Chloe showed a thickness of 3 inches with the help of her thumb and index finger. All Danny understood, was that he was going to die in less than 24 hours. That actually sounded like a very good idea! Next morning, Danny got up an hour earlier than he should have and turned the heating system in his room on blast.

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He got a mouthful of hot water, placed the thermometer between his lips, turned the radiator off and snuck into bed without wiping the water beads off his forehead. He was a good kid and he rarely got sick, so she never even suspected that the sweat on his brows, the steaming face and the outrageous numbers shown by the quicksilver, was just a bunch of bull. She or dad wanted to stay home, but Danny swore he would be alright.

Being alone at home can be exciting for a 13, going on year-old. For the first 3 hours, that is. Chloe turned her head to see her friend approaching. Chloe chuckled and patted the wooden boards to her right. Danny took her invitation and sat down next to her. Her face had something very earnest about it. Something so solemn, it divulged both pride and pain. Danny had no idea how to react to it. Chloe turned her gaze from her house to her only friend, and Danny was close to screaming. No, her eyes were as brown as they always were, the sun was only playing tricks.

He grabbed her hand, pulling her out of her daze and spoke as convincingly as a year-old victim of school bullying could. You just have to find the courage to learn its ways. No impact at all. He had one chance at delivering a life-changing speech, and he blew it. Chloe was back to her cheerful, childish, dumb, brown-eyed self again. Mom and grandma are in the backyard picking cotton. I can show you around for a bit until they come back!

Danny wanted to excuse himself to go home, where he was expected to be lying in bed and resting. His head was already on its way to his house, but his heart, alongside his physical self, was following Chloe inside the creepy house on Booner street.

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The girl ran towards the other end of the hallway. Danny wanted to take his shoes off first, but Chloe tugged impatiently at him. Danny followed her to something that looked like it had once been an enormous ballroom. Even though massive blackout curtains were covering every inch of window possible, the room was very well lit. Four chandeliers were hanging low above the ballroom and they were all powered by candles, not electricity. To the right of the room were two doors, and to the left, a couch and an enormous flat-screen TV.

Far ahead were two staircases leading to the first floor and beyond. However, it wore neither a welcoming hue, nor a homey vibe. It was certainly big enough for a kid or five to play indoors, but definitely not suited for a child as cheerful as Chloe. Her next words guided her finger to the two identical doors on the right. Mom and granny think some things from the pantry belong in the kitchen, and that every pantry needs a table and chairs.

Pictured it yet? Not allowed to bring friends over, nor is she actually allowed to leave the house. Her mom, my granny, had to do the same. And her mom and the mom before that, and the mom before that and so on. Danny was about to deliver the punch line and, even though he meant it, it had an insincere undertone. She sounded like she was beginning to regret letting Danny into her house.

Chloe advanced on the dark hallway that stretched out into the depths of the first floor. Danny counted three unopened doors she passed by, when she turned around furiously, grabbed him by the arm and led him out of the hallway and back to the staircase. Surprisingly, when reaching the staircase, they did not descend it, as Danny might have expected.

Chloe, instead, had Danny follow her to the second floor, where one old, yet very well-kempt door stood before them. Danny snapped his head in her direction. Before he had the chance to mention child protection services, Chloe inhaled deeply and opened the door. The attic was also well lit. This time, however, by pure daylight. The dust particles that swam through the air, looked like glitter and even though they were plenty, the room was very clean. The wooden contraption seemed to be ancient, yet very steady and complex.

The longer he stared at it, the more detail he was able to distinguish. Whatever it was, it was a beautiful tool and the glitter swaying all around it, made it look like the cover picture of a fairy-tale. And there it was: at the far end of the wooden machine, spreading light all across the room, were the biggest silver scissors Danny had ever seen. Even so, he recognized a hint of that earnestness from before and, because of that, he withheld from asking about her father. A knife-sharp smile crept at the edges of her mouth as she turned her head to look at her friend.

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Ice-cold fingers grabbed him by the collar from behind and tossed him towards the stairs. Had his reflexes been any slower, he would have fallen to his most probable death. Danny grabbed onto the handrail for dear life. The old woman in front of him was yielding garden scissors in both hands, and, boy, did she look pissed!

She threw one pair of scissors at Danny with the force of a cannon.

Danny ducked at the very last moment and the scissors broke through the handrail and five balusters. He was forced to stop and hide behind the silhouette of another woman. This one was fairly younger. Chloe froze. She stared at the two older women with nothing but fear in her eyes. Danny suddenly felt the urge to punch the woman who was shielding him from the scissor-throwing monster.

Just as shameless and despicable as all other representatives of his gender. He must have run around the house as soon as Clotho let him in. The girl looked at her mother. She looked so devastated, Danny pitied her more than himself for a second and expected her mother to comfort her, seeing the mess she was. More waterworks from upstairs, but she started descending slowly. Granny-gruesome stepped aside, letting Chloe get to her mother.

He turned around and went down the stairs, not giving Chloe the chance to catch up to him. He opened the door and stepped out of the house, not even turning to say goodbye to his… former friend. But Danny would hear none of it.