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A History of Castle Bromwich Bells. Castle Bromwich bells Adobe Acrobat Document 2. A Brief History of Birmingham. Stuart Birmingham and the English Civil War Despite a significant population increase by the beginning of the 17th century, the built-up area of the town remained much the same as in the previous century. For a link to her Parishmouse website see Acknowledgements.

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When they reached South Carolina, where the rebellion had begun, any bit of restraint they may have shown elsewhere was pitched aside. What remained of the Confederate forces, once more under the command of Joseph Johnston, was far too small to stop the juggernaut. Before leaving Richmond, the Confederates set fire to the town. On April 9, at Appomattox Courthouse , after discovering Federals had beaten him to a supply cache, he surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to Grant.

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Sherman extended even more generous terms than Grant had but endured the embarrassment of having to go back to Johnston with harsher conditions. Lincoln died the next morning, the first American president to be assassinated. Booth was shot weeks later while trying to escape from a barn in Virginia. All those captured who were believed to be his co-conspirators in the plot were hanged, including Mary Surratt, who owned the boarding house where the plotters met. One after another, the remaining Confederate forces surrendered. Only one Confederate was executed, Henry Wirtz, commander of the notorious prison camp at Andersonville.

Officially known as Fort Sumter, Andersonville was the largest prison camp in the south and was infamous for its ill treatment of Union prisoners who lacked adequate food and medicine. Southerners have long protested that the death rate in Northern prison camps was higher than that of Andersonville, and Wirtz should not have been punished for war crimes. Learn more about the Andersonville Prison Camp. There were numerous causes that led to the Civil War, many of which developing around the fact that the North was becoming more industrialized while the South remained largely agrarian.

Some causes of the Civil War include:.

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There were over fifty major land battles and over ten thousand skirmishes, engagements and other military actions fought during the Civil War. Major Battles include:. Several hundred generals were commissioned during the American Civil War in the Union and Confederate armies. These men led the troops into the battles that would ultimately decide the outcome of the war.

Prominent Civil War Generals include:. Weapons were the instruments of war in the Civil War and often played a critical role in deciding many battles. Great advances came in the rifle, muskets, artillery, cannon and bullets, including the Minie Ball. Weapons used in the Civil War include:. Women played an important role in the Civil War, playing the role of authors, as was the case of Harriet Beecher Stowe, abolitionists, civil rights activists, and nurses.

Prominent Civil War women include:. Some prominent Civil War armies include:. Abraham Lincoln was the central figure of the Civil War. He led the nation through the troubled years of until his assassination in , just before the war ended. The total number of casualties in the Civil War is not known precisely as records were not accurately kept during the era. Most sources put the total casualties on the Union and Confederate sides at between , and , It is noted not only for its military success but for the sheer destruction inflicted on the south.

Delivered soon after the union victory at the battle of Antietam, it freed all slaves in confederate states. The proclamation proved a great motivator for the northern war effort and gave the war a higher purpose. The Gettysburg Address, written by Abraham Lincoln and delivered after the battle of Gettysburg at the battlefield, is one of the most famous speeches in American History. The common soldier of the Civil War varied greatly.

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Most were farmers, aged 18 to Most were white protestants though African Americans made up roughly 10 percent of the Union army. Most earned 11 dollars per month. The uniforms for the soldiers of the Civil War are generalized between the blue for the Union and grey for Confederates, but there were many variations depending on location and time period.

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The Confederacy is the name commonly given to the Confederate States of American which existed from throughout the Civil War. It was started when southern states seceded from the Union after the election of Abraham Lincoln. The Confederate President was Jefferson Davis. Slavery in America started in the early 17th Century with most slaves coming from Africa and being used in agriculture production. By the 18th Century, the Abolitionism movement began in the north and caused a divide between the northern and southern states.

This divide came to the forefront with the election of Abraham Lincoln, who ran on an anti-slavery platform. There were many different flags used during the Civil War. On the Union side, there were both 33 star flags and 34 star flags after Kansas was admitted to the Union in On the Confederate side, there were three national flags as well as the more recognizable confederate battle flag. Additionally, each corps, divisions, brigades, regiments, and even individual companies carried their own unique flags.

African Americans served many roles in the Civil War.

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In the Union army, over , African Americans served, with more serving in the Navy and in various support roles. In the Confederacy, African Americans remained slaves and their role was limited mostly to labor positions. Also, figures like Frederick Douglass were active abolitionists before and during the Civil War. The Reconstruction Period generally refers to the period just after the Civil War, from to Reconstruction period was as harsh as the war on the Southern states and that they never fully regained their standing.

The period of Reconstruction was important to build equal standing among the states and to regain trust. He played in key role in passage of the Thirteenth Amendment, which ended […].

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The notion that blacks were inherently inferior to whites was still a wide-spread belief in most […]. The institution of the Confederate States, which was ratified by […]. One comment […]. When the war happened, many of the cultivators […]. Irene Sgambelluri was eleven years old, and living in Guam, when Japanese forces assaulted the area hours after bombing Pearl Harbor on Dec.

Sgambelluri spoke with HistoryNet about the attack and the aftermath.

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